Quick, you only have until midnight!

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We’re throwing a SPOOKTACULA £2,500 Halloween give away and it ends tonight!

There are 58 cash prizes to be won, ranging from £5 to £500! If you want to get your hands on one or more of these, it’s easy!

Just make a deposit of £10 or more with the code FRIGHT before midnight tonight! You’ll get a FREE entry to the draw as well as an instant 80% match bonus worth up to £50!

You can enter this code THREE times per day and the more you enter the code, the more chances you have to win a cash prize! For full terms and conditions, click here!

Good luck!

The Guestlist Bingo Team xx



And the winners are…

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Did you all have fun playing my weekend promotion! Introducing my 5 players who’ve won a mystery prize up to £50 after being the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th people to use my code!


Well done and the funds will be added shortly!

The Guestlist Bingo Team xx


It’s party time!

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Happy weekend! You’ll be glad that you’re on the Guestlist with what we have planned for you!

Enter code WKND
You’ll get a 90% bonus!

There will be special mystery treats worth up to £50 for the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th players to use the code over the whole weekend!

You can use the code on deposits of £10 or more once per day over the weekend and they reset at midnight!


The Guestlist Bingo Team


Fancy a FREE £10 shopping voucher!

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You can always rely on us to brighten up your weekend! Get your hands on a FREE £10 shopping voucher now!

Enter reusable code VCR
You’ll get a FREE £10 shopping voucher!

Deposit £20 into your account, you’ll play with £36 and get a FREE £10 shopping voucher sent straight to your door!

The code is reusable too so you can use it as many times as you like until midnight on Monday!

The vouchers are One4all and you can spend them in all your favourite high street shops!


Are you our winner?

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We’re had a great morning at the Guestlist headquarters reading through all your entries! We’ve loved reading about who makes you smile and whos face you would like to plant a great big smile on!

After much deliberation, the winner of the competition is Perryleigh11 for their heartwarming story, they’ve won £100!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition!

The Guestlist Bingo Team xx


Are you playing for free?

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We hope you all had a fab weekend and enjoyed using code IMHERE!

By using the code you got a 100% bonus and also made yourself eligible to play for FREE! The FREE funds have now been added into your account for you to play with!

We hope you have lots of fun and keep your eyes peeled for the next mega promotion!

The Guestlist Bingo Team xx


Is your name on the Guestlist?

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Party with Guestlist this weekend and you’ll play next week for FREE!

Enter reusable code IMHERE!
You’ll get a 100% bonus and party for FREE!

Add £10 into your account with code IMHERE and play on Guestlist and we’ll make sure that you have FREE funds to play with next week!

The offer expires at midnight on Sunday!


The Guestlist Bingo Team xx


Get your name on the Guestlist!

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You’ll love being on the Guestlist after you’ve seen what we’ve got planned for you!

                                        Enter code PARTY! You’ll get a 100% bonus!

Use this code as many times as you like over the weekend and we’ll make sure that you have funds to play with over the next week!

The code expires at midnight on Sunday and if you’ve got your name on the Guestlist, your free funds will be with you by Tuesday!


The Guestlist Bingo Team xx


Do you want two days of FREE bingo!

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We love to make sure that you get what you want, you are on the Guestlist after all and here’s why we need your help!
Do you want two days of FREE bingo!

To vote Yes!                                     To vote No!
Enter code YES                               Enter code NO

You’ll get a 100% bonus each time you use the code on deposits of £5 or more. You have until monday to use the codes as much as you like!

Enjoy and make your vote count!

The Guestlist Bingo


We’re going to top you up!

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This weekend, you’ll be glad you’re on the Guestlist!

We’re going to top up your total weekend winnings by 10%! Make sure you join in by following the below steps!

Enter code GLB

Deposit £10 and you’ll get £20 to play with plus 10% added on top of your total winnings! You’ll see the funds added into your account by the following Wednesday!

You have until midnight on Sunday to make the most of this one off promotion and don’t forget, the code is reusable too!

The Guestlist Bingo Team